A Thorough Rinse Does Your Home Good

Clear away dirt, grime and mold with soft washing

It's hard to see the beauty that is your home when it's covered in layers of grime. Eliminate years of buildup by calling IClean for exterior cleaning service. Using a special soft washing system, we'll carefully remove dirt, grime and mold from your exterior.

The solution we use is safe enough to clean your surface and powerful enough to keep your home free of mold, algae and mildew for years to come. We can also use a special solution that washes away rust and oxidation.

To schedule your house cleaning service, call 937-516-5425.

Discover the benefits of soft washing

Soft washing is a preferred cleaning method for removing dirt, mold and mildew without damaging surfaces. Although the solution is applied at low-pressure, it still provides a thorough clean.

While we focus on soft washing, we also provide power washing options to take care of heavy-duty stains. If you're interested in trying out this method, call now for your free demonstration. If you move forward with full-house power washing service, we'll clean your driveways and walkways for no extra charge.